Pure Vegan B12 + Stress Away

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Pure Vegan B12 + Stress Away Bundle Pack

Whether it's crazy deadlines at work, finals week, a marathon month of meetings in different states or just another pesky season of life that keeps throwing you curveballs, stay the course and give it your all with support from this incredible bundle. Curb the stress and replenish your energy daily. 

Here's what's inside!

Vegan Stress Away
You've felt the anxiety symptoms like headaches, mental fog, and sleep deprivation. Perhaps you've even grown susceptible to many colds and downer seasons. It's obviously no fun. At an anatomical level, all the environmental, physical and emotional factors contributing to your stress are depleting key B vitamins in your body. That's why we've prepared this vegan-friendly solution with high potency B-Complex and C vitamins that:

  • support your central nervous system
  • regulate your metabolism
  • empower your immune system

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Vegan B12 Vegan Certified Methylcobalamin Spray
After tossing and turning all night or fighting through life's next milestone responsibility, it's easy to reach for the shiny corner store energy drinks that proclaim new levels vibrancy and performance. While you may experience a brief caffeine-fueled spike before the crash, this is a cheap approach to sustained mental and physical activity. Reach instead for what your body craves. Our Vegan-certified B12 spray is fast-acting, convenient and comes with many stress-fighting benefits such as:

  • improved mental stamina and clarity
  • regulating healthy sleep cycles
  • cellular growth and repair

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