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Pure Advantage - Pure Leucine Peptides

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What is Pure Advantage - Pure Leucine Peptides?

Pure Advantage PepForm™ Leucine Peptides contains high levels of leucine-rich peptides isolated from whey proteins to deliver the essential amino acid L-Leucine in a soluble and highly bioavailable form.

Pure Leucine Peptides

Amino acids are the building blocks of muscle. Make sure your body has all it needs to do the work day in and day out. Leucine Peptides provide an enhanced form of L-Leucine to help increase muscle growth and recovery.

  •  Promotes Lean Muscle Mass
  •  Unlock the anabolic potential
  •  Rapid absorption and highly bioavailable

Leucine Peptides are the most anticipated amino acid supplement on the market and far superior to standard L-Leucine. Structured Peptides are absorbed faster, utilized better, and provides the body with the greatest effects from leucine/ BCAA supplementation.

"Using Leucine allows for the muscle to achieve maximum protein synthesis and anabolic recovery."

– Layne Norton and Donald Layman, University of Illinois


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