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What is Hydr8?

Pure Advantage Hydr8 is the Ultimate Stimulant FREE Sports Drink Formula available on the market today!   Hydr8 is a convenient great tasting effervescent drink mix that supplies 7 Essential Vitamins plus Electrolytes, Amino Acids for recovery, Simple & Complex Carbohydrates.

Are you looking for an effective sports drink that is free from Caffeine?  Hydr8 is stimulant free. 100% Natural, No Artificial Sweeteners, Colors or Flavors and Gluten FREE!  Each serving of Hydr8 supplies 100% RDA of B1, B3 & B12 to help you power through your workout. With the perfect blend of simple and complex carbohydrates to give you rapid energy now and sustained energy later!  


However, If you do prefer a little “kick” try Pure Advantage ACCELER8.



Failure to provide the calories and carbohydrates that athletes need to fuel their bodies, the fluid to maintain Hydration, and the vitamins and minerals to support metabolism and tissue growth and repair will result in poor performance and an increased risk for injury and/or illness. A number of factors place athletes at an increased risk for deHydr8ation and various heat illnesses.. Research studies have shown that providing a cooled and flavored beverage produces greater fluid consumption and helps prevent deHydr8ation. Pure Advantage Hydr8 can help prevent Hydr8ation and cramping issues. Once mixed with water, Hydr8 contains the vitamins and electrolytes that are necessary for optimal performance.

When you exercise, electrolytes are lost as you sweat, predominantly sodium and potassium. These electrolytes must be replenished to keep electrolyte concentrations in your body constant.  Pure Advantage Hydr8 contains a balanced ratio of simple and complex carbohydrates, essential vitamins, amino acids and electrolytes to help drive cellular level hydrations. This precise combination will help stimulate and promote the uptake of fluids and nutrients to be drawn “inside” the cells, resulting in a true cellular level hydration. An increase in cellular hydration will trigger an anabolic state that helps with recovery, rebuilding, protein synthesis and grown hormone release. This delicious and all-natural effervescent drink mix  is gluten free, vegetarian friendly and is ideal to use before, during and after training events.


PURE ADVANTAGE HYDR8 vs Competitors:


For your health PURE ADVANTAGE HYDR8 does not contain, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Hydr8 uses all natural flavoring system with  fructose and  Sweet Leaf Stevia. This is a great tasting convenient drink mix you can take with you and help reduce your environmental impact  and your carbon foot print by saving hundreds of plastic bottles per year. Consider this! The price of the sports drink will include the cost of the actual bottling process, packaging, shipping, marketing, retailing and transportation. Hyrd8 cost only 65 cents per serving and saves 30 plastic bottles


  • Proper hydration before, during and after exercise can help prevent dehydration & cramping
  • Proper hydration aids the body’s recovery processes
  • Proper Hydration may help you achieve your Optimal Performance level
  • Pure Advantage’s advanced formula helps to stimulate (drive) the uptake of fluids and nutrients to be drawn INSIDE the cell which helps you achieve TRUE hydration at the cellular level
  • Simple Carbohydrates supply your muscles with rapid source of energy
  • Complex Carbohydrates supply your muscles with long lasting sustained energy. You will not find in other sports drinks (Gatorade G TM)

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