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What is Glutamine Peptides?

Glutamine Peptides have been
shown to be absorbed 250 times
faster, and are more bio-available
t h a n s t a n d a r d “ L - F o r m ” o f
glutamine powder.

• Studies have shown that strenuous
exercise and trauma are linked to a
drop in plasma glutamine levels and
i m p a i r e d i m m u n e f u n c t i o n .
Supplementing with glutamine
peptides may help maintain muscle
mass, help the immune system and
improve physical performance.

• During times of stress, the body
experiences an increase in free
radicals, resulting in a decrease in
the number of antioxidants to fight
them. Studies have shown that
i n c r e a s e d p l a s m a l e v e l s o f
glutamine can reduce the rise of
free radicals, which decreases the
risk of infection or stressed induced

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