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Aerobic Life Probiotic Complex

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What is Aerobic Life Probiotic Complex?

Aerobic Life Probiotic Complex with Cellulase contains "Friendly Bacteria' and help by improving immune function and enhancing the protective barrier of the digestive tract.

Probiotics are known to promote intestinal healing. New research has shown that an imbalance in the proportions of harmful and beneficial bacteria seems to over-activate immune cells in the intestines, driving inflammatory bowel disease.

Aerobic Life’s Probiotic Complex uses unique human strains selected specifically to adapt to the human intestinal tract and is ideal for those who have been exposed to antibiotics and would like to restore their intestinal flora.

  • May help stimulate/enhance immune system
  • May help maintain intestinal health (diarrhea, constipation, digestion)
  • May help maintain/restore a balanced (or healthy) intestinal flora
  • Promote healthy, friendly or beneficial flora
  • May help alleviate gas or bloating.
  • Replenish natural friendly flora after antibiotic usage


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