How To Deal With That One Person In 2019

by Danna Pratte January 03, 2019

How To Deal With That One Person In 2019

You know that one person. They just...Stress. You. Out.

It's the way they say things. It's the way they don't say things. It's how they interact with your friends. It's the way they mix stuff up at work. It's that thing they did way back when. Everyone has their own friction with someone or another.

Maybe you've thought about them enough to get to the root of it or maybe it's still totally perplexing, but you deserve to work through it and leave the resentment and frustration behind this new year. 

How you ask?

We've thought through some practical tips that should help you spot the best in those around you whether it's a fresh acquaintance or that one person. 

1) Seek Common Ground 
It's a slippery slope spotting differences in others. You may find that your observations about that one person have created a chasm of sorts that separates you from any common ground. If you're going to let the negative feelings go this year, you should start by seeking a better connection with that one person by finding common interests, hobbies, causes or friends. The sooner you see you're not so different, the sooner you'll be able to relate to one another and embrace a healthier relationship. 

If you're struggling to find something in common give them the floor from time to time. People often default to their own passions or interests when given a chance to speak. If you ride it out long enough, you may discover a shared love of food, wine, travel, TV shows or more.

2) Name Your Favorite Thing About Them
Stop fixating on the thing that drives you nuts about that one person and make a decision to find and name your favorite trait about them. Maybe it's their style or their eyes. Maybe it's the way they always try to make a joke (even if sometimes that's also their demise). Whatever you find, go out of your way to not only notice it more often but tell that one person that you enjoy that aspect of them.

3) Wipe the Slate
To paraphrase a famous saying, carrying around hate, frustration, jealousy, etc. is like drinking poison and hoping the other person will die. In other words, the negativity you carry inside about the negative or challenging elements of others will eventually bring you down. Decide right here and right now that you're going to do everything in your power to wipe the slate clean and give that one person an honest fresh start in 2019. 

If they wronged you, forgive. If they frustrate you, laugh it off. No matter the price, you'll live a richer life if you let it go and let them go this new year.

4) Enlist In Some Backup
We're not expecting any of this to come naturally or easily to all of our readers. This list will require discipline and repeat actions throughout the year. Just thinking about removing the stress that one person gives you may stress you out.

If that's the case, it's time for Stress Away. Stress and anxiety can be very taxing on the body. It can throw your system for a loop if left unaddressed. Immunity crashes, heart rates can fluctuate and a whole lot more. Try our all-natural solution for stress relief and management and see the difference it can make in your life while you try to mitigate all the stress that one person and life throw at you every day.

5) Kill Your Ego
Listen closely and brace for impact. This is the toughest pill some will have to swallow all day. Yes, there are people in life who have totally made mistakes or been in the wrong and your issues with them may have legitimate grounds. But there are also cases where the issue may be less about that one person and more about where you stand. Only you can control your actions and responses. If you're pride, self-image, reputation or self-interest is the wall between healing and staying the course of hate, you have to make a change, and it's entirely possible.

6) Kill Them With Kindness
If all else fails and your efforts fail to catch the attention of that one person, make a game out of killing them with kindness. If they're just a grouch all the time despite the energy and thoughtfulness you've brought to the table, buy them lunch. If they continue to have zero self-awareness and hog the dialogue every single time, listen in. Give them your ear. Give them your affection. Give them your time.

It may take time, but keep the hope that one day that one person will have a wake up call and realize that maybe you made one of the most profound impacts their life will ever know.

Here's to a positive, generous, grateful and healthier 2019!

Danna Pratte
Danna Pratte


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