Breast Cancer Awareness Month: The Little Things Make a Big Difference

by Danna Pratte October 08, 2019

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: The Little Things Make a Big Difference

According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, roughly an estimated  270,000 cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed in women this year.

That's 1 in 8.

And behind every number is a name. A real, beautiful human who is battling. And behind them are countless friends, family and loved ones affected by such a diagnosis.

First and foremost, we at Nutritional Brands, want to express our most sincere well wishes, admiration for those navigating a current breast cancer journey, and love for everyone who has been or will be touched by such a disease. Your strength and courage is an inspiration to everyone.

Yes, there are many breast cancer diagnoses, but there are also 3.5 million survivors in the U.S. alone. We will beat this together!

Like many organizations this time of year, we wanted to help spread the word about breast cancer in order to educate and empower readers who may not yet know how to watch for the little things. The little precautions and advice from places like the NBCF, that can make a world of difference in terms of diagnosis and treatment.

We hope you join us in celebrating the lives of those healed, honoring the lives of those touched, and especially in sharing the word to help those who will fight this into the future.

Breast Cancer Guides and Resources

There are many more informational guides and resources available at

Other Ways To Get Involved
  • Consider donating to a Breast Cancer cause
  • Attend a Breast Cancer walk, run or fundraiser
  • Write letters of hope and encouragement for current patients
  • Wear pink
  • Join a Facebook or local support community
  • Schedule your Mammogram

Thank you for joining us all month long.

Danna Pratte
Danna Pratte


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